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Message From Directress

Greetings and welcome to this Digital Platform!

Over the past years, National Christian Life College continuously sharing knowledge and quality education among young minds in the most Christian way making it one of the finest Christian schools in the Philippines. I am grateful to see how our school, the NCLC-MCA School System successfully grew to the different parts of the archipelago and also abroad. This is because of the continued patronage and trust in this humble institution to fulfill its mission and vision for the welfare of the learners.

And as we are facing this global challenge that threats our health, norms, and social living, I am very eager and enthusiast to contribute a big leap of adaptation to the new custom of living especially in the field of education. Holding on to our tag-line, “Service is our Motto, Excellence is our Goal!”, our highly devoted and globally competitive group of educators aimed to fulfill this revision of new methods of learning in a digital world. I am delighted to introduce and share with you the NCLC Online Learning Zone.

A new learning platform designed to cater to every learner in a most advanced and creative way customized to the needs of this fast-changing society but still entrenched with Christian education in a technical but friendly process for it is easy to use by our stakeholders-the learners and the parents.

Our school offers these new approaches using blended and distance learning at a minimal cost, helping our community especially our parents to adjust and enable to provide quality online Christian education for our children.

We will always be here to help and strengthen the partnership in molding and preparing success for our future heroes.

For our kid’s sake,
NCLC/MCA School System