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Mrs. Maricel Vinzon

Thank you NCLC because I know my daughter is in good hands. When my daughter Kylie was about to enter Grade 1, I was wondering where to enroll her. What I was looking for is a school that can closely monitor my daughter and provide her a high-quality education. With NCLC being a Christian school, I was hesitant at first because of religion. Many were saying they might force you into conversion or something that is why I really thought twice. But when I saw NCLC’s Facebook page, I thought they were worth a try. That’s when I decided to give it a go and if things don’t turn out the way I’d hope then I’ll just transfer my daughter to another school. Remarkably, it turned out that NCLC defied and exceeded my expectations. The school was great because Kylie was well supervised and taken care of. I was amazed because her self-confidence now was like, wow! I can’t imagine she was the same shy Kylie before. The bonus part is the teachers. They do not only teach. In my heart, I really felt their sincerity and genuine love and concern for their pupils. Thank you to all NCLC teachers. Your love and care for your learners are truly one of a kind. That’s why we can rest assured that our child is in a good and reputable school. She is in good hands.

PS: It’s not true that when you enroll at NCLC, they will force you to convert to their religion. BIG NO.