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Mrs. Terrie Javil

Being a working mom and a mother of 3 is really hard most especially when they are enrolled at different schools. They have different schedules of exams, PTA meetings, releasing of cards, events etc. It’s hard to file a leave for work but I need to do that because I am very much hands on with my children. I am also the one who assists them in their studies, such as review for exams, homeworks, projects etc. When my eldest enrolled in NCLC, some of her teachers tried to convince me to transfer my 2 younger kids. The following year, my husband and I decided to transfer them in NCLC. We have no regrets because we saw how much they improved in terms of ACADEMIC and PERSONALITY. Now they are confident to show their talents and to join different school activities like when NCLC had Mr. and Ms. ACALITMUS during the 39th founding anniversary, my 2 daughters KYLA ( Junior High School) and KHLOE (Lower School) were the title holders. In terms of SPORTS, as far as i remember, during the enrollment, I was with Kean and Khloe, they asked Sir Ricky (one of the teachers who convinced me to transfer my 2 younger children in NCLC) if the school has a chess club and He said he promised that on that school year, they will train pupils who have the potential to compete outside the school. I am so proud that my kids KHLOE & KEAN are now confidently doing their best to represent the NCLC everytime they have a chess tournament.

Thank you,
Mommy Terie Javil